How to use this resource

Group planning

We suggest that you invite people in your church who are particularly interested in evangelism or just good with people. Then...

  • Decide whether you will meet online or in another location
  • Agree a time and frequency for gathering
  • You might like to work weekly or fortnightly or in sprints or just gradually make your way through
The flexible nature of the resource means it can fit in around the life of your church but of course the risk is that this important topic could be forgotten or consumed by other activities. Perhaps work out together how the momentum can be maintained.

One device or many?

You can either all share one login and one screen or if you prefer everyone can sign up and then be able to access via their own device: laptop, tablet or mobile phone - this works well for questionnaires and surveys. 

Session structure

Before you begin, check through the premise, objectives and preparation notes to see if there is anything you need. 

Each section has suggested timings but these can be shortened or extended to suit your context. There is also a tracker to indicate which step you are on (see image 2 on the right which says "2 of 9").

Sessions start with some time for "Dwelling in the Word". If this (or Lectio Divina) is a practice you use regularly, feel free to follow your own pattern with the provided readings. We have suggested up to 15 minutes for this.

Click here to read more about Dwelling in the Word.

Then there is usually an opening discussion to orientate around the topic.
There are usually one and sometimes two pieces of input, at least one of which will be a video. Most videos need to be watched all the way through, but some encourage you to pause at points. Other input comes in the form of prompts, questions, slides, quotes and more.  
Following the inputs and indeed throughout there are times to discuss, apply and plan for your own context. Sometimes you might end up with something quite tangible, at other times this may be just the beginning of a conversation that needs to be continued.
All sessions end with prayer, sometimes contributors have written prayers which you might like to use, sometimes there are suggested prayer points. You will know what works best in your setting.

We would ask that you take a moment to provide feedback at the end of each session. This can be done individually (if everyone has their own login) or together as a group. 

Last of all, there are suggestions for continuing the learning and where to go next. This might be a book, article or video.

A screenshot showing some sections of one of the sessions
Example timing indicator

The Evangelism Examen

Combining moments of mission with moments of prayer to build attentiveness, confidence and dependence on God.

This is a spiritual practice based on the Ignatian Examen. Designed to create a structure for forming a habit of praying intentionally for Evangelism and reflecting on experiences, which could be used daily or weekly, alone or as part of a group. It combines reflection with prayer and the additional spiritual practice of praying for five people to come to know Jesus.

This is offered as an option that you might like to incorporate. The idea is introduced in Part 1 - Core session 3.

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