Resource overview


Resource overview

Leading in Evangelism is organised into four themes.  Each theme has numbered sessions to guide you through the journey and "Going deeper" sessions.  You can choose which are most appropriate to your settings but we recommend following the numbered sessions for the greatest impact.

Getting started

We have created the About and How to use this resource pages to help you: 
  • Make the most of this resource
  • Understand what this is and how it works
  • Explore the theological foundation and philosophy
  • Plan how you will use it and who with
  • Understand the structure
  • Discover spiritual practices that will support you as you work through the resource


Part 1: Exploring opportunities

  • Reflecting on context and culture
  • You, your church, and evangelism
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers

Part 2: Engaging others

  • Enabling everyone to play their part 
  • Identifying unique and specific responsibilities 
  • Leading others in evangelism

Part 3: Creating a plan

  • Shaping a culture that embeds evangelism
  • Planning for the people in your community
  • Identifying practical changes

Part 4: Sustaining over time 

  • Keeping culture and plans alive 
  • Change and ongoing renewal
  • Measuring, continuing, ending, and starting again
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