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Leading in Evangelism is an online resource supporting local churches to create a faith-sharing culture.

A series of 1 hour, video supported sessions that will stimulate conversation, planning and action. There are core sessions ordered into 4 themes of Exploring, Engaging, Creating and Sustaining with additional sessions. Supporting leaders to explore opportunities, engage others, create a bespoke plan for enabling evangelism that fits their church and sustain this over time by embedding it into the culture of their church.

Church leaders identify 3-5 people who may not yet be leaders but show particular concern, interest or passion in seeing those who are not Christians come to faith. Tell them they are going to help you discern what could be done locally to help people find faith in Christ. You can then set aside a regular time to gather, arrange some away days or do them at a time that suits you.
Click the link to register after which you will have access to all the content to review. When you are ready, arrange a time to meet with some people and work through your first session.
Leading in Evangelism is a resource created and supported by the Vision and Strategy team which is part of Archbishop's Council. It was created in collaboration with network partners CPAS, LYCIG, AMEN as well as Lambeth Palace, several dioceses and input from local churches across the country. You will probably notice the style of writing and speaking changing on occassion which reflects the range of writers involved, we think this adds to the experience and celebrates the range of traditions within the Church of England. 

Watch Chris Russell as he discusses the shared theological convictions from which this resource arises

Example numbered session
Example extension session

Getting started

Sessions will take around one hour to work through as a group. These could be extended, depending on how long you allow for discussions and tasks and possibly shortened.

You will notice there are numbered sessions which are the recommended order if you wish to work through all the sessions. 

Each theme also contains "Going Deeper" sessions. Choose the ones that will be most helpful to you,

Joined mid-way through?  You might like to return to 1.1 in the Exploring Opportunities theme and work through sequentially. 

You can get a sense of the whole journey via the resource overview page:

Resource Overview

In creating a resource that spans the breadth of our tradition, there will inevitably be some things that sit well and others that don’t. 

Owen Morgan explains what you can expect, what is not included and how to get the most out of it:

Your context

As you work through the content, it needn't be abstract ideas, be thinking about your gathered congregation and think about the lives throughout the week; think about children and young people; think about other ages and stages of life; think about regulars and those on the fringe, think about your wider community.

Gathered congregations both 
Sunday and midweek

Life throughout the week at work, home, socially and online

Children and young people and other stages of life

Well connected people and those on the fringe and your wider community

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